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: Wednesday, May 8, 2013, 14:23

Wrongly suspended from eBay and terminated from Paypal after 15 years!

I was a TOP SELLER a mere 7 weeks ago (with eBay) I have been with ebay & Pay Pal since 1998. I became an eBay seller in 2004 (never had a problem) and always a Power Seller and the last few years a TOP SELLER with always 100% + feedback with an average of over 4,500 transactions per year. I was Wrongly SUSPENDED from Ebay last week with a 99.7% + Feedback score. My feedback HISTORY has always been nothing short of excellent, just like my customer service. In any event, I was never told by eBay just WHY I was suspended, they mentioned “cumulative policy violations” and “gray areas”. But could never provide a good valid reason. As a result PP has LIMITED MY ACCOUNT – FOREVER – I have over $4,200 in my pp account I cannot touch until NOV. I was told I VIOLATED their USER AGREEMENT” and again asked why. They responded “Do you sell anything” I told them I did sell on eBay until I was Suspended” They told me that was the reason. So now I cannot access my funds. I have al
ways refunded my customers with an average refund of $15 – $50. There is absolutely NO reason they should keep my large amount of very HARD EARNED money, as it is Unjust ,Unfair, Unwarranted, and just plain ABSURD and CRIMINAL! – I am OUTRAGED that this has happened! I have always been a successful & great eBay seller & customer and PP customer for 15 years! There is NOTHING in my eBay feedback history that warrants this harsh punishment – at all! Is there anything I can do? I am just sick this is so unfair! Help!

Submitted By:: Sam

Location-: Plamer MA

One thought on “Wrongly suspended from eBay and terminated from Paypal after 15 years!
  1. Vik on

    please contact paypal’s executive office , and they should resolve this for you if it’s a system error. It happened to me too and they fixed it.

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