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: Friday, January 4, 2013, 11:25

Wondering why I ever chose to be with Paypal

Paypal has been nothing but a nightmare come true for me. First they did not accept my international visa debit card as a result of which I had to use virtual cards, one fine day without any warning, they permanently limited my account stating that too many cards were used. I called Paypal and gave them verbal assurance that the card would not be used and they took off the limitation and asked me to add my physical debit card after talking to my bank. My bank said its fine and that I could go ahead and use it, post which I tried to add the card again and immediately my account was limited again! I got the limitation removed for the second time after explaining the situation. Now, since I had earlier used virtual cards, the remaining balance on the VCCs were transferred to my main account, so Paypal limited my account for the third time stating that there was some unusual card activity noticed on one of the cards linked to my account. Ironically I had taken off all the VCCs added/linked to my Paypal account after the first limitation was placed. Now for the third time I spoke to Paypal and later during the day, I got a mail stating that my account has been closed. Wondering why I ever chose to be with Paypal

Submitted By:: Anil

Location-: In.

One thought on “Wondering why I ever chose to be with Paypal
  1. alec on

    You and me both! The only reason I signed up with paypal was because I didn’t know better, I do now but it cost me over $200 is a false chargeback from a buyer to learn this. My account is limited because I refuse to pay my negative balance, my money that paypal stole from me and I can;t close my account because of the negative balance.

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