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admin : Monday, December 7, 2009, 12:47

Won My PayPal Dispute – Where Is The Money?

I have been using Paypal for some years, and for the first time I have had to lodge a Buyer Dispute because an item i bought from Ebay was ‘Significantly Not as Described’, and the seller refused to refund. Just finding where to lodge the dispute was a journey in itself, as both Paypal and Ebay use so many techniques to keep would-be complainants circling round and around their pages, without finding the ‘Resolution’ process. Paypal says that Ebay users must lodge a claim through Ebay, while Ebay directs all Paypal users through Paypal. It is vital not to put a foot wrong, as a claim lodged in Ebay must be settled in Ebay – even if the likely outcome of failure is a result. I had to go to Ebay Live Help in the end, just to find how to lodge a dispute. The seller immediately escalated the dispute to a Claim – no doubt in an effort to reduce the amount of information available to the arbitrators through the dispute letter-writing process. However, the arbitrators quickly found in my favour. (tick for that) I was asked to supply proof of posting item back, which I was able to supply. However, just when it seemed likely I would receive my money (FINALLY) I was sent another email demanding I prove the item was delivered. As always with Paypal, the killer was in the detail…I had to provide written proof within three days (over a weekend). When I logged onto the site, there was NOWHERE to lodge the information. I had to wait until the third day (monday) to call. I had to telephone America to ask advice!!! The telephone operator advised me I was to upload a scanned photograph of a print out proving delivery… through the name-change documentation page of Paypal!! Oh, and that it could take three days for the document to be received, and that I should call again, after uploading, and then again in a few days time! nut don’t worry, if the claim was closed, I was to call again and appeal! At least that is what I thought she said. couldn’t be sure because the long-distance Skype system was incredibly poor quality. A far cry from my friendly Credit Card merchant, who, on the two other occasions I have had to ask for a chargeback, has been friendly and EFFICIENT. I called the australian consumer affairs department, apparently there’s nothing they can do to enforce good service. How about just …. service? I feel I have been held to ransom by their ridiculous deadline, pathetic systems and lousy customer service.

Submitted by Lisa H


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