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: Monday, April 8, 2013, 12:00

Why is it not called Robbery when Paypal takes your money?

paypal, has on at least a dozen occasions when I have purchased something and used paypal, the seller contacts me and advises they are out of stock and cancels the transaction immed. and issues refund!!! Now a sell has not taken place but paypal 4 days later takes the funds out of my checking account and holds them for up to 2 weeks while they quote “REVIEW” So they have on paper anyway the amount of the refund and my hard cash in the same amount!!! If this happens 100,000 times a day then they have upwards of 50 million dollars they are making interest off of that is not theirs!!! It is all money from sales that never occurred and it takes them 72 hours after the transaction has been cancelled and refund issued to take the money out of my account, knowing the sale was not a sale 3 days earlier and will keep my money interest free for up to 21 days!!! This Is FRAUD!!! A BRAND NEW MEANING TO BANK ROBBERY!!!

Submitted By:: Brian

Location-: NJ

One thought on “Why is it not called Robbery when Paypal takes your money?
  1. Jona on

    If you read everything that in is the user agreement I am sure that hidden somewhere in there is the fact that paypal is allowed to do whatever they want with your money. They are such a shady company and not someone that I will ever trust with my money again. Ever.

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