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: Thursday, July 26, 2012, 12:36

Why I canceled my PayPal account

This may sound like sour grapes but it’s not. I had an issue with a seller and opened a dispute, which seller denied, shock huh? So I upgraded it to a claim. Unfortunately a month later Pay Pal said they were not able to rule in my favor. The seller was in the wrong! I would not have gone to all the trouble of opening a dispute and then filing a claim if I had received the service from the seller I paid for 3 times. I have never commented on a forum before but I am fed up with big business always backing big business and letting the hard working consumer fend for themselves. I thanked Pay Pal for their help in this matter (or really lack there of) and then cancelled my account!

Submitted By:: KillianGrace

Location-: Vermont

2 thoughts on “Why I canceled my PayPal account
  1. Daniela on

    You are one of many many people (myself included) who have had issues with paypal. I sold a antique toy car on ebay for $500 and the buyer filed a dispute. Even though i clearly stated as is and had pics to show what the car looked like. And to my surprise they sided with the buyer. WTF do i have seller protection for? This company is shit and have no morals

  2. Jimmy on

    I was the victim of a paypal scam where the buyer filed a dispute that the item was not as described, paypal ruled in her favor and told her she would get a refund as soon as she shipped the computer case back. Well I got a dirty old towel back and the buyer got a refund. I closed my paypal account shortly there after. Why would I risk of having that happen to me again?

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