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: Friday, June 29, 2012, 10:23

Why did paypal limit my account?

Paypal are gold diggers!!! They limited my account for 6 months for no reason. I have called many times to try to solve the problem they have with me (I don’t know what it is). They are rude people and don’t care how bad you need your money!!!!! I have talked to a lot of people about paypal and they tell me that their account got limited for no reason also. Would it not be in paypal’s best interest to let us have our accounts open so they can make money off of their users? I see what there up to… they limit peoples account so they can collect interest. I even asked paypal if they collect interest and of course they told me they don’t. They are also big time liars!!! They need to be taken to COURT and SUED BIG TIME!!!!!! What if your bank said to you that you can not have your money for 6 months? I am pretty sure people would not stand for that but with paypal it’s OK?!?

Submitted By:: Mark Green

Location-: Albuquerque NM

2 thoughts on “Why did paypal limit my account?
  1. Kamryn on

    Paypal limited your account to earn some interest on your money. Of course they are not going to admit to this but it is true, it’s what they do. Banks can’t do this because they are federally regulated which paypal refuses to become. Suing paypal is tough because they have protected themselves with their user agreement that all their users have to agree to. The user agreement states that you can only sue paypal in Nebraska or California and it also stated that you agreed to letting paypal limit your account at any time for any reason. So technically paypal has done nothing wrong…in reality they do everything wrong.

  2. Emily H on

    Paypal permanently limited my account for reasons unknown to me. I called them several times over the course of a month to try to resolve the “issue” they had with my account but nothing came from it. They refused to give me any reason why my account is basically closed.

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