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: Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 11:35

Who’s the real scammer, PayPal or the Buyer?

On 8/1/2012, I had posted my hp compaq tc1100 on craigslist for sale,
not soon after i got a text from a so called buyer, who wanted to buy it, and pay more than I was asking cause he wanted it shipped Internationally, He also wanted to pay through paypal. I said fine and went to my paypal account and made an invoice for him to click and pay…
Well. then I got an email confiming payment pending shipping confirmation with a tracking # Needed to release payment on hold…WELL…..
I packed and shipped the package got it insured and sent it express international mail..sent the tracking # confirmation in reply to the email confirming payment on hold(now mind you this is suppose to be a Paypal transaction…) LOL. End result …NO PAYMENT , NO STOPPING SHIPMENT, AND NO TABLET PC COMMING BACK TO ME…It will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!
I closed my paypal account after calling them and confirming the so called confirmation email was a real scam…but check this out the link in the email sent me to an international foriegn language paypal site (which i was able to login to…and after i closed my account with paypal (US) I went to this website and tried logging in again…LOL it wont let me..not like before and redirected me to the US version of paypal’s site. Something is seriously Wrong here…who is scamming..THE GUY OR PAYPAL?

Submitted By:: Tweats58

Location-: USA

3 thoughts on “Who’s the real scammer, PayPal or the Buyer?
  1. Ali Broadman on

    Both!!! I think they were in cahoots with each other. I believe paypal knows these people are scam artist but allow them to buy anyways because they both win. The customer gets the merchandise and paypal gets their money leaving the seller high and dry scratching their heads. I was ripped off too many times before I got the hint and closed my paypal account. NEVER again will I use them or buy from anyone who uses them.

  2. andy on

    The only reason buyers pull all these scams is because Paypal allows for this to happen and does nothing to stop it. Paypal is magnet for scammers looking to pull a fast one on honest sellers. Paypal claims to be Keeping every seller secure which is the biggest crock of crap I have ever read.

  3. brent on

    I have said this before and i’ll say it again… I would NOT be surprized if most “buyer” scams were actually Paypal proxies (false buyer accounts) ripping off sellers for Paypal. This better explains why Paypal (and eBay) allow dud “buyers” to continue the scams. Tell me it aint so. Pleeaase!!!

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