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: Monday, April 23, 2012, 9:58

What happened to Paypal?

I’ve used Paypal for years and thought it was great.

I recently sold a scope, scope stand and few other shooting things to someone. He paid with paypal. The post office lost the rods to the scope stand. He got the empty tube (signature required). I reported it. The post office said they had a system for finding them, but it took time. I kept the buyer informed. He was getting anxious, so I purchased brand new rods for him and had them shipped to him. He sent me an email confirming he had everything. I went into paypal to discover he had reported to them that he did not receive anything. I gave their dispute center the story and a copy of his email confirming receipt. They gave him a refund. I called the dispute center to find out why. They told me that his signature was irrelevant and his email confirming receipt was irrelevant. I had to have a tracking number or they give a refund. They said if you read their suggestions for safe selling, they recommend tracking numbers. I’ve been back to their site and been unable to find such a recommendation. Expensive lesson.

Submitted By:: Dave

Location-: Lancaster, PA

4 thoughts on “What happened to Paypal?
  1. Kris on

    Good ol’ paypal and their arrogant attitude against sellers. Nothing but a tracking number matters to paypal. No tracking number you lose EVERY time and it doesn’t matter what kind of evidence you have it will not be considered. Do you know of any other company getting away with what Paypal is trying to pull?

  2. Stephanie on

    NO COMPANY operates the way Paypal does. How the heck can they continue to screw people over and over and over and keep earning the big money they do?! Crazy how you do right by keeping buyer informed and give paypal all information and they just tell you its irrelevant. WTF! Your luck with them may very well have run its course.

  3. Katie G on

    If you reshipped the package to them you had a tracking number correct? To be honest even if you do have a tracking number the will still give you some lame ass excuse as to why the fund were refunded or why you can get your money back! I went with another processing company and have had no problems with them. try it out

  4. JacobPuckett on

    thats a load of crap because I had tracking number and signature on an item and paypal still sided with the buyer. Heres how it works…. they have a list of excuses as to why they wont fight for you against scammers and if you cross all your “t’s” and forget to dot one “i” your thrown under the bus.

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