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: Wednesday, December 21, 2011, 11:13

Watch out for BillMeLater

Used BillMelater one time they wanted my back acc # I ask them if they were on crack. I said cancel the shit. Two months later I was trying to by mini chopper for 599.00 went to four different sites and placed a order and it went through. But the sites were on autopilot so to speak money was transfered from paypal to them and returned back to my account stating the were sold out. This is were it get good. Three months after the fact billmelater contract me via cell phone and stated I was months late on my payment, wtf, wtf, I was billed 599.00 to billmelater closed account or so I thought by someone that I have never herd of. I told them this was not authorized by me and they needed to. contract the police. They want to know when I could send a payment.

Submitted By:: PaypalH8ter

Location-: USA


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