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admin : Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 14:59

I recently just became a victim of Paypal and want to warn others

I recently just became a victim of Paypal. I have a small swimming pool 3D design service and had designed a very expensive upscale swimming pool of about $800,000 for a very wealthy customer in Northern Virginia. He had me design the swimming pool and asked me to fly up and help manage the project and he would pay me healthy. I agreed and had a written legal binding contract and he paid me all through Paypal and and 15 weekly salary payments of $1995.00 per week. after hotel expenses, rental car expenses, air travel, and salary to run the project at the end of the project the customer two months later disputed every penny and since he is very rich and spends $500,000 to a million dollars with American Express they sided with the buyer. Pretty pathetic Huh! After supplying all evidence such as contract, receipts of hotel air, car, and building supply houses with his and my information on everything he says he never received the product.

Guess what there was no product, but a service and American Express sided with him because of his clout. This is criminal and please help me expose these criminal wealthy people taking advantage of us middle class.


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