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: Friday, February 17, 2012, 13:10

Very unfair business practice by Paypal

I had until FEB 4, 2011 to send additional documents for the buyer but Paypal closed the case prior to that date (31JAN2012). Now they would not even accept or reopen the case for me to submit supporting documents. I now owe Paypal the reversed charges for the transaction which should of gone through. The customer got my products for free just because they said that the box did not contain anything when he received it. I have been with Paypal for a long time and this will make it my last business transaction with them. Very unfair business practice. This complaint will be forwarded to the FTC.

Submitted By:: Mr. Agulan

Location-: Murrieta, California

One thought on “Very unfair business practice by Paypal
  1. Everett D on

    Any users of Pay Pal please note. You have a limited time to file a disupute (30 days) if you do not file a complaint, Pay Pal dismisses your case. Given this it is better to just use credit cards where the fautly amounts can be removed right away

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