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: Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 11:11

Very Bad Customer Service

I had an claim opened with paypal. they closed the case as “resolved with the seller”, when that wasnt the case at all. i called them to say that it hasnt been resolved, and their reply was that the case was closed by ebay and i need to take it up with them.

Well, the case wasnt closed with eBay, and eBay customer service is not very helpful either. The PayPal staff was very rude to me, anything i had to say they did not want to be bothered with, they would not listen and kept talking over me.

If this is the way customers are treated, I would rather avoid this company. Now I am out of pocket and dont have my item. I will be closeing down my account with them as their buyer protection policy has double standards.

Submitted By:: L Ali

Location: uk

One thought on “Very Bad Customer Service
  1. Adi on

    here’s another paypal example of fleecing the customers -try and transfer money from your paypal account to your bank and you will get a notice saying that due to security your money will take just over 24 hours to be transferred. Why don’t they just admit to hanging onto our money to get interest? Bad practice Bad service and poor non transparent transactions.

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