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: Monday, May 23, 2011, 14:33

Valid credit card denied by PayPal

My bank-issued credit card is denied whenever I try to use it on a website sponsored by PayPal, despite its assurances that credit cards can be used. I used to have a PayPal account but favored using the credit card because invalid purchases are covered and handled by my bank, whereas PayPal will not cover those.

I closed my paypal account thinking that would handle the matter, but it hasn’t. I’ve made two calls to the customer care (what an oxymoron!) center and have received no help. Right now I’m thankful I canceled the PayPal account and I will never purchase from any site that insists I use it.

Submitted By:: BM

Location: Colorado

One thought on “Valid credit card denied by PayPal
  1. Anonymous on

    I am not an idiot, but I have spent months trying to get a paypal account. I have not been successful. I have not been able to change my password. I have not been able to get them to call me about problems like stated on their website. This is very frustrating. I do not believe that I can use a credit card on paypal.

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