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admin : Wednesday, November 26, 2014, 14:35

My unfortunate dealings with PayPal

Paypal screw me a couple of times in 2005. Here is that old tale. I was a visiting professor at Utah State University, and bought an expensive watch for a friend (below 2000 dollars). The idea was: I would pay for the watch through Paypal, and my friend would refund me. The problem is that the vendor did not have the item in stock. Therefore, she refunded the money.

Paypal told me that they received the money back, and would make in available to me in 6 months. I could not understand why such a long time wait for a refund. They told me that people with similar problem were suing them, and they could be forced to pay me again by a court injunction, and blah blah blah. I did not know I had a problem. I thought that the event was very simple. I bought something, the seller could not deliver and returned the money to Paypal without complaining, with an additional for breaking the contract, exactly as announced. I did not file any complaint against the seller, and the seller did not filed any complaint against me. No pending issues.

I told Paypal that I was leaving the United States for good, since I could not afford to pay tuition for my son who is in medical school. So I was moving to a country where higher education is free of charge.

They told me that the money would be available when and if I returned to the USA. I told them that I would never return, and was closing my account in Zions Bank. They said that they were sorry, but they could not return my money at such a short notice. They told that the vendor could file a complaint against me, etc. etc. Then the vendor assumed the guilty, told them that they had paid the fine for breach of contract, and blah blah blah

To make a long story short, Paypal never returned my money. Besides this Paypal never denied that they wronged me. In fact, they sent me many emails asking what they could do for fixing their mistake. I always told them that the solution was simple: write a check and send it by mail, since I had closed my account at Zions Bank. They said that I was not being flexible enough, etc. They could not write a check, this is not their modus operandi, etc.

After that I changed my bank to Banco do Brasil, and changed my credicard to Visa. Then Paypal stole another small amount from my account, something around 200 dollars. Note that the sum that Paypal has stolen from me have not reached 2000 dollars. I checked with their call center (they have one in Brazil), and there was no reason for freezing my money.

The point is that Visa discovered one of these small ripoffs, and covered a loss of about 200 dollars (500 reais). Visa said that it was in my contract that it would refund the card holder automatically for any loss for a poor administration of my account. This has something to do with banking regulations in Brazil. However, Visa does not allow me to pay anything to Paypal with a Visa card.

In fewer words, everybody can make donations through Paypal with a Visa card, except me, and a few other people covered by Visa. The point is that I need to make donations for sites that accept Paypal only. Is there a way to make these donations through Paypal, so that Visa would not know that I am paying through Paypal? Of course, I want to close the Paypal account immediately after the operation, because I don’t want to have my account assaulted by Paypal the third time.


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