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: Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 14:10

Unfair Practices /No communication

Customer recieved a broken item from me,even though the item was packaged carefully as required, the item was broken in shipment.
Ebay was fair by giving me time to refund the customer but was unfair in allowing the customer to post slanderous statements about me.
Furthermore, Pay pal took the opportunity to say because I had a first “refund” in 11 years they now are going to hold my incoming payments from now on!
Even though I have promptly responded to my customers complaint,refunded their money and made it right,I am still being abused by their unfair practices.
I have written Pay pal three time and I have written Ebay also with no response to this situation and my feeling toward the resolution.
I am seeking now a mutually safer alternative to Pay Pal and I adamantly suggest others to do the same!

Submitted By:: Sally Fuggs

Location-: Austin, TX

One thought on “Unfair Practices /No communication
  1. gramma kaye on

    pay pal have limited my account for no reason saying its a security measure to make sure that some one is not using my pay pal without my knowledge which they aren’t and now they are making it impossible to verify my account and will not answer my emails even tho iv changed my password and security questions and sent them a copy of my passport wich i really didn’t want to do now they’re just ignoring me and my account is still limited, what can i do to get the limitations removed so i can withdraw my remaining money and cancel my pay pal account

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