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: Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 14:14

Unfair appeal against a claim made against me

I had a case opened against me from an eBay customer. The complaint was that the customer had not received the goods. I had posted the goods to the address on the eBay accounts delivery address, but the goods were returned to me as the buyer was not known at the address.
I had never been informed that the parcels were meant to go to the address on the paypal account that the buyer paid with. This paypal account was under a different name to the eBay buyers account, and I was never told by the buyer that I should use this address.
I supplied the tracking numbers that proved I posted the items to the eBay delivery address, but for some reason paypal seem to think this information is not enough and the case went in the buyers favour.
It is clear that I posted the items to the eBay delivery address, but paypal seem to have missed this on numerous occasions.

Submitted By:: Vera Conner

Location-: Casper, WY

One thought on “Unfair appeal against a claim made against me
  1. Phil on

    Using Paypal is always a gamble. If paypal or ebay don’t make a mistake then you get ripped of by a scammer. It’s just not worth it.

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