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admin : Friday, November 21, 2014, 13:48

Now I understand why people say Paypal sucks. Its true.

I sold a perfectly working Kodak 8mm projector to a guy in Ohio for 126.35 including shipping. I insured the unit for 100.00 and sent it Priority Mail. In two days I receive an email from the buyer saying:

“We have a Problem. I took the projector out of the box and plugged it in to see if the worked; forward, rev, etc. It worked for maybe 10 sec. and I heard the shutter gear break. I’ve had this experience before so I knew right away what happened when I heard it and the spindles stopped turning. The main problem here is that it cost $190.00 to replace it. I need all my money back and for you to have this projector picked up. Thank You”

I told him what it said in my return policy, that the buyer was responsible for returning the unit in the condition it is shown in the photographs, at his expense. He opened a buyers dispute to get his money and I lost.
The thing is e-bay will not allow me to forward his email to paypal. The paypal account is still in my partners name, but I have had control of the account for years. After I told them that, they wanted me to get my partner to give permission so they could access the account. I called my partner and he agreed to do it.
I thought it would be over soon. I call paypal back and let them know we can give him a call and rather than wait for me to give them the number, I hear her say “Okay, I’ll be right back, and a few seconds later MY PHONE STARTS RINGING. I look and sure enough it is paypal calling me. I wait for her to come back to the phone and explain to her that she just called me, that the number you need to call is this one. I give her his number and she tells me she can’t call that number because it is not associated with the account. I tell the lady I could have answered the phone and told you I was Richard and you would have never known the damn difference. I can also go into the account and change the number to the one you need to call. This must have pissed them off because ever since I told them that they have locked the account and will not allow the password access to work.
I get a message surrounded by a red bar that says “Some information you entered is incorrect” Funny how it was never incorrect until they knew. They didn’t know shit from shinola until I told them. Now I understand why people say Paypal sucks. Its true.


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