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: Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 12:24

Undelivered purchase charged back to me!

I purchased merchandise from an online business, and charged it to my Visa through PayPal. The package never made it to me, so I disputed the charge with my credit card bank (granted) and with PayPal. PayPal never responded about the dispute, so I thought the matter was resolved. More than two months after the original transaction, I try to access my account and am told it is “limited” and I need to add funds (which, though they did not make it at all clear, would be debited for the chargeback).

Now here is where it goes all pear shaped. It turns out my USPS contract carrier (not a regular USPS employee, but a “civilian” contracted for rural routes) signed for my package and filled out the proof of delivery slip with the delivery address as that of the main post office. Where the package went after that I have no idea. The merchant claims that because the package was delivered to my postal code (!), it was a valid delivery, and the proof of delivery stands. PayPal says they can’t do anything because the USPS considers the package delivered (not exactly true, as I filed multiple complaints regarding the lost package and the behavior of my carrier).

The circular “logic” I’ve gotten from PayPal customer reps makes my head spin. One even said that because the package was delivered to a valid address, that was sufficient. Any address! Anywhere! Then she tried to tell me that most rural people have post boxes at the post office. Oh, really?

I cannot believe that such a large company gets away with this. I got in the habit of using PayPal because I (foolishly) thought it was safe, and because it was easier and quicker than entering my credit card information all the time. It galls me to know that I would have been fully protected if I’d used my credit card directly.

Don’t use PayPal. That’s my advice. Learn from my mistakes.

Submitted By:: Pat

Location: California


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