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: Monday, January 14, 2013, 13:18

Unauthorized withdrawals from my bank account

Last fall, my four small purchases with my Paypal debit card caused my bank account to go negative. My fault. I didn’t realize it took several days for the funds to come out of my account and I misread my balance. First time I ever used the card.

They tried 5 times to withdraw the funds causing me $150 in overdraft fees. Luckily my bank stopped the attempt after two times.

The first of the month then rolled around and they tried the same scenario all over again. The bank then froze my account.

I called customer service at Paypal and they said it said in my agreement that they have the right to try and withdraw the funds three times. I asked her to prove that to me in writing. It was written nowhere.

She went on to say that when a new month rolls around, they will start the process all over again and that it why I have so many attempts on my account.

I had emailed and called Paypal telling them I was sending a money order.

They, in fact, had payment (I used my debit card) within the time they allowed for mailing of the money order.

I sent a money order to Paypal to cover the funds, about $98.

The bank reimbursed me some overdraft and excess transaction fees and Paypal reimbursed me $200, which left me with the overdraft fees I was actually responsible for. I thought my problems were over and that this wouldn’t happen again.

THEN, on January 2, Paypal attempted to withdraw $28 from that same savings account. I had removed that account from Paypal altogether last fall (but mysteriously it reappeared) and had not used Paypal for anything.

I called customer service and they sent me to the fraud department who told me “banks are being bought up by other banks so quickly nowadays that the routing numbers are getting all messed up.” He also said “someone could have an account with the same numbers but it might be a checking account instead of a savings account” (I had my savings account associated with my Paypal) WWWHHHHAAAAT?? He said he saw “a similar transaction” that may have been posted to my account in error, that the “clearinghouse” (whatever that is) made a error with a payment, more than likely.

They were absolutely not willing to do ANYTHING about it AND told me I had to contact my bank and file a fraudulent transaction complaint. I did that and now the bank is insisting I close my account. That’s a hassle because I have automatic deposit and have to try and get that changed ASAP.

Submitted By:: Kirstie

Location-: Ocala FL


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