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: Thursday, November 29, 2012, 9:21

Unauthorized use of my Visa card on Paypal

I noticed a charge on my VISA credit card of $352.69, charged to PAYPAL. I don’t even use Paypal. I called my bank AND Paypal and they both said some person used MY card information to buy something. I don’t know how this person got my credit card info but apparently PAYPAL has no security system to prevent a stranger to use stolen credit card information to make purchases! They didn’t even question the person as to why his name is not on the card? Then Paypal refused to refund the unauthoirzed charge to my card, saying they had to “investigate” which would take about two months!? I finally got my credit card company to dispute the charge and force Paypal to refund the money, but I just wanted to warn people- what if this was a much larger amount? And to warn Paypal- at least CHECK and verify the name on the card when someone makes a purchase.

Submitted By:: Doug T

Location-: Seattle

One thought on “Unauthorized use of my Visa card on Paypal
  1. Brett on

    Got that right; paypal offers zero security. My paypal account was hacked twice and both times used to purchase things online. It was a huge hassle trying to recover my money and paypal limited my account as well. After It happened the second time I closed my paypal account and closed the bank account I had associated with the account as well. I don’t trust them for a second.

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