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: Thursday, August 25, 2011, 9:09

Unauthorized transaction on credit card after joining paypal

My car was advertised on E Bay. I received an E Mail contact regarding the car. An exchange of E mails resulted until I broke off contact as I had doubts about the genuineness of the prospective buyer.

I joined Paypal at the end of June using my credit card details and the secure service provided by my bank. This card had only been used for internet transactions such as banking and insurance before. I have now received my credit card account which contains a debit for an item from an unknown source which I have not received or sent for.

I have submitted the complaint to my credit card company and stopped the card account. The E mail address is from abroad and I have the details. I am submitting a complaint to Paypal.

Submitted By:: C. Sheehan

Location: Suffolk UK


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