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: Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 6:52

Unauthorized Paypal Transaction Causes NSF Charges

I started getting emails saying I had bought 48 proxies for $99 a couple days ago, which I did not order.  Nobody else knows my PayPal info and I don’t use public computers, I have no idea how these were charged to my PayPal account. I changed all of my passwords everywhere and opened a PayPal dispute, and after four days Paypal today sent me a notice of refund.

That’s all great, except that charge that was supposed to have been held in the first place;  according to the Paypal status on my dispute (which was displayed as “Held”). But it wasn’t held, and since I didn’t have any money in my Paypal account (I don’t use it much) it was taken out of my bank account. This put my bank account in the negative, and then I got a bunch of bounced checks and charges for bounce protection.   And though Paypal says a refund has been given, no refund is showing on my bank account.

So currently even with this supposed $0 liability feature of Paypal’s, I’m sitting $220 in the hole.  And even with the $99 refund, I’m still going to be $120 under. Does this “$0 liability” work or only as far as they feel like they want it to? Is PayPal going to make up the difference?

Because of someone else getting into my Paypal account, not from my computer, I’m out over a hundred dollars even with the refund – that’s a little more than “$0″. And then PayPal closed the dispute, no questions, didn’t ask me if I was satisfied with it, no option to add anything.


Submitted By:: JP

Location: Northeast Oklahoma USA


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