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admin : Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 21:43

Unauthorized Charges, PayPal Not Helpful

I had two unauthorized transactions on my PayPal account that totaled $968.71. The charges had not yet gone through my bank account when I first discovered them.   I called paypal immediately and they told me that they knew the charges where fraudulent. They said that someone figured out my password and used my account to make 2 large purchases, 3 mintues apart, and that these were suppose to be shipped to the other side of the country.

They also said they had contacted the sellers immediately after finding the fraudulent transactions, and that the sellers responded saying they would not mail out the products.

However, I was told by the representative that PayPal would still be responsible for these transactions, and that I would need to dispute them.  This would have to happen even though PayPal knew that these were fraudulent charges.

After being told this, all I got from PayPal was “have a nice day”.  Really? Have a nice day? I am so upset with the way Paypal has handled this, I will never use them again nor would I ever recommend them to anyone.

Something very similar to my experience just happened to a friend of mine as well. Beware of PayPal, there system is not as secure as they would have you believe. My bank is being very helpful, thankfully.

But this whole situation really sucks, especially with Christmas being so close and having to go through this. Not to mention the runaround PayPal puts you through just to try and contact a human being, they hide their contact information behind their useless automated “answer finding system” and put tiny hard-to-find links to the REAL contact info in obscure areas.  You actually have to dig on their website to even find the phone number!

What a pain!

Submitted By:: TB

Location: Ann Arbor, MI


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