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: Monday, October 1, 2012, 13:52

Transaction failed, paypal said try again and now I am being double charged.

I recently purchased an item on Ebay and pay pal said they are sorry the transaction could not be completed and to try again, There were sufficient funds in the account as it was payday so I presumed a web page error and done as they asked, I tried again. The transaction was successful and upon checking the emails the next day I had Two receipts from paypal, The FIRST and SECOND transaction had apparently gone through even though they told me one had failed. I caled Paypal and they cannot refund even though its their fault as the seller has dispatched the one item I paid for even though paypal has paid them twice. I now have to wait until Monday to contact the sellers shop in the hope they will refund me, if however the seller sends me two items I now have to pay to post the duplicate one back at my own expense due to pay pals mistake. Its not a light item either so the fees wont be cheap. heres hoping the seller is reasonable and has indeed received the two payments that paypal have taken.

Submitted By:: Sue

Location-: Oakland. Ca

One thought on “Transaction failed, paypal said try again and now I am being double charged.
  1. Deb Rollins on

    I’ve had an ebay account for 6 years now. Ever since they joined up with paypal they have given me nothing but problems. I severed my business relationship with them entirely.

    The last time they held my funds it resulted in my personal bank account going into the negative, if I was the one to mess it up then I’ll accept responsibility but I refuse to work with a company who doesn’t fess up to their own screw ups. If I were you I wouldn’t process with them for much longer. Hopefully you do have an honest seller and things work out. Paypal has no consideration for other people’s money. How dare they double charge?!

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