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: Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 14:14

transaction error messages/account frozen

I have been making ebay purchases and have used Paypal for years with no problems until about six months ago. My most recent Paypal horror experience involved a buy it now item of a very modest amount of $32.00. I tried my usual method of using my credit card which is the only method I have listed on my account. After several failed attempts, I called Paypal at 9:00 PM EST. I was placed on hold for 45 minutes. I tried every thing that the agent explained and none of his advice worked. He said that he would transfer me to another agent. Four agents later and hours of being placed on hold, I was transfered to a recorded message that Paypal’s offices were closing for the day. This abrupt message was delivered after already being placed on hold for 30 minutes. My card is in good standing and I have had the same credit account since 1986 and I have never had a late payment. This was a buy it now item and resolution of this latest Paypal problem involved a dozen additional calls over another four days. One of the agents explained that I could just click on the bill me later option and the transaction would go through. I explained that this is not my prefered method of payment. He then transfered me to Paypal’s credit card services agent. The whole maddening experience was hallmarked with extreme ineptitude on Paypal agents account. The bigest problem is the fact that nothing has been really resolved. Should I make another ebay purchase, I now the same night mare experience will take place because of the message I get when I log into my Paypal account. Despite this message, phone calls to Paypal only result in agents informing me that my account is in good standing. Furthermore, I could not get one single agent to admit that the long call holding times were the result of Paypal customers, having similar experiences with their accounts. I did a search and I found that this same Paypal problem has been going on for over a year with literally hundreds of customer complaints. I would be greatful if you could offer any advice.

Submitted By:: Stephanie

Location-: Long Beach Ca


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