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: Thursday, February 14, 2013, 13:51

Too many issues with Paypal

Refused to let me link my bank account with them after my daughter atempted to use it on her Paypal account. One person told me I could if I did this this & that. Another person said “we will never allow you to use this bank account under any circumstances”. Online said I could fax proof of the account belonging to me – customer service REFUSED to do anything about it. gave me the run around – said my daughter had to call them to remove the account from her Paypal account – even though it was never actually linked (due to her not being on my bank account my bank will not allow it) and when she called they said there was no way it could ever be used???!!! This is one of MANY issues I have encountered with Paypal. Not to mention the funds from a canceled order are ( 5 weeks later) still not released and according to them will not be released until MARCH!!? WTH!!

Submitted By:: Nina

Location-: Burlington VT


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