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: Wednesday, May 30, 2012, 9:46

Too many glitched with eBay and Paypal

I had a really bad experience with Ebay this past weekend when I purchased an Android tablet for $149.95 from the seller. I only hit the “Buy Now” button one time and I have a witness to that. I have the receipt that I got from Ebay and the receipt from PayPal where both state I only purchased “1? Android Tablet. The next day I got an email from Ebay stating that I needed to pay for the Android Tablet. When I went to Ebay to check this out, there were TWO android tablets listed on my purchases although I had only purchased ONE. One tablet showed it was paid for, the other was not. I called Ebay only to get a very arrogant customer service rep who insisted that I accidentally hit the “Buy Now” button twice. Here’s the thing…my eye witness saw that I only hit that button one time. Both of my receipts say I purchased “1? Android Tablet. So, where did the second one come from? I also noticed that the time gap between when I clicked the “Buy Now” button and when the second Android Tablet was supposedly added to my purchase was “2 minute and 11 seconds”. During that exact time gap I was on PayPal paying for the only Android Tablet I purchased. I was threatened of being suspended on Ebay and getting black marks against my good buying record on Ebay if I did not pay for the second Android Tablet. By now my blood was boiling. I had enough of this nonsense. Ebay told the seller that he needed to cancel the order and that’s what the seller did, only to find out later that instead of canceling the entire order & starting over, they were already shipping one Android Tablet and would cancel the other one (still indicating that I had ordered 2 of them). I did not mind that they were shipping the Android Tablet that I had already paid for. But the other one should have been completely removed from my Ebay account and all would have been settled. This morning in my email I got a notice from Ebay wanting me to pay for the Android Tablet that had just been shipped out. This IS the Android Tablet that I already PAID FOR. I am seriously considering removing my account from Ebay and going elsewhere from now on to do my bidding and purchasing. I’ve had enough of their kindergarten attitudes and they obviously have glitches and technical difficulties in their computer systems so that they can’t keep accurate records.

Submitted By:: Mary Gomez

Location-: Austin Texas

2 thoughts on “Too many glitched with eBay and Paypal
  1. Barbara Ann on

    You better believe there are glitches with eBay and PayPal. PayPal and eBay are basically “partners in crime.” Your situation is simple. You wanted 1 tablet, you paid for 1 tablet…end of story. Delete the 2nd “order” that was mistakenly reflected and you confirmed it to be in error…only wanting and paying for 1. How is this so difficult for them to correct?!?! I hope this works out for you but I worry because look at who your are dealing with.

  2. Candyraine on

    There are definitely glitches in their system. I don’t see why it was so hard to delete the second tablet. Especially when you have receipt that you only purchased one. Get away from then=m before they charge your bank account for the other tablet

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