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admin : Tuesday, June 30, 2009, 1:11

Toll-free number withheld, simple problem takes too long

To start, my transaction number was not recognized by PayPal’s computer database.  Also, in my experience PayPal will not provide their toll free number up front, only the long distance number, from their website.

So I called them on the long distance number. Then it dawned on me to ask at the end: “why isn’t this a toll free call?” The rep replied: ” Do you want the toll free number?”  But of course it was too late by then.

Then it took them an hour to solve my simple problem, which was that my order had not arrived one month after the purchase date and the sellers email address (provided by PayPal) kept returning my emails with a “Failure of Delivery” statement.  PayPal asked me to file a dispute myself on their website. When I tried to do this, the website didn’t recognize the receipt number they had emailed to me.  Eventually they had to have a “specialist” do it manually. It took me one hour and my cost of the long distance phone call to straighten all of this out.

Lesson to learn for me: Never ever order anything if PayPal is involved.

Submitted by Rice, Los Angeles USA


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