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admin : Monday, January 6, 2014, 14:01

I was told I opened too many disputes

Due to too many disputes from getting plated alloys and fake gold from China, I called both eBay and Paypal and they ALL told me to open disputes and told me to even escalate them. I did everything that was asked of me, and more, them asking me to help them in delisting items from sellers, and how am I paid back? I am a “high risk” buyer. I have spent over $20,000 on fine jewelry and not one single dispute. I wanted to buy inexpensive but real silver items as free gifts with purchase, and after receiving them, discovered they were ALL plated alloy or brass, with a “925″ stamp on them. Now they are still permitted to sell their crap, and my Paypal use has been banned (limited is just a eeuphemism for banned because I can’t pay vendors, nor can I now accept payment from my customers who I re-sell to outside of eBay. Most of my vendors only accept Paypal and I am trying to get them to accept interac direct transfers. I feel horrible for my vendors, I feel horrible for my customers, and I do want to continue to buy from these same vendors because they are honest, and not from China – no fake silver or gems ever. Now I am a high risk buyer because I was told I was making the same types of purchases and opening disputes when I have not done so for MONTHS. If eBay vendors do not accept anything other than Paypal, I am sunk and I have been a big source of income for a smaller vendor in Thailand who is honest, knows I am too, but now I can’t buy from him.


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