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: Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 14:26

Told My PrePaid card is no good

I have used a prepaid card through paypal for ebay purchases since 2007. In June of 2011, I had the first problem where they would not honor my card even through the funds were there. In January 2012 I was told to give them the name of the bank, the routing number and the account number associated with my prepaid card. Today I was told it was a courtesy allowing me to use the prepaid card for four years, but now I cannot use it and I shoud try echeck. I told them thanks for nothing and good luck on the echeck. So said that there were two other items that I wanted to purchase that I will not be able to get. Think I will contact the sellers and pay them outside ebay.

Submitted By:: Shonetell Brown

Location-: Englewood


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