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admin : Thursday, October 17, 2013, 14:45

Told I did everything right and then banned

I was working with both eBay and PayPal reps to make sure my listings were good and right by their policies . They told me they were great . A month later and several revisions every 6 reps and I was told without any warning or implication that I was doing anything wrong ( infact the rep earlier same day said I was doing everything right) out of nowhere was very rude and said they didn’t want my business anymore and to find someone else , also informed me my funds would be frozen for 180 days . 2 days later eBay does the same thing , apparently the other rep noted lies in my acct and it’s all irreversible . What was I doing wrong and why can’t I get the 2k in my acct or work with my buyers ??? I just don’t get it.


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