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: Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 10:02

There is no protection for sellers

I sold a Nikon camera in good working order to a person in Portugal. They emailed once they’d received it that it wouldn’t work with their lenses. This was a modern digital SLR and they were trying to use ancient 1970′s manual lenses on it. The Nikons, apart from their highest-end bodies do not meter with old lenses. Exposures have to be guessed at. I never represented it as anything else in the Ebay sale.
Ebay froze the money in my account and then decided the customer should have his money back. I waited for the camera to return, it never came, the customer flaked out on that and funds were on hold by Paypal for over 60 days.
Meanwhile, customer left poor feedback on my account. So thanks to Paypal, I suffered because a customer didn’t know how to use something they bought.

Submitted By:: Jimmy Gordon

Location-: Scottsdale, Arizona

3 thoughts on “There is no protection for sellers
  1. Kelly Hissing on

    Such typical PayPal behavior. A buyer screws you over because of ignorance, you don’t get your item back but PayPal is holding your funds for 60 days. It is a lose-lose situation for sellers. It has become very risky business to be an eBay seller that accepts Paypal payments.

  2. Katie M on

    Paypals “seller protections” is a bunch of bullshit. They protect no one but themselves. this is a common story I hear from people dealing with paypal.

  3. sugamama99 on

    There is absolutely no seller protection through paypal. they suck ass!!! I will never use them again! I got screwed over way too many times with them

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