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: Wednesday, April 10, 2013, 13:35

The Horror and injustice of Paypal

Recently my fiancé and I had a horror dealing with paypal.

We sold a new motherboard to a buyer. All seemed ok until the buyer kept telling us that the board was covered in thermal paste and that the board was doa. We told him since the board was new that was impossible as it was sealed up. The buyer then lodged a dispute with paypal saying not as described and that item was damaged. He was asked to send the item back to us and paypal would refund his money. He returned the board which contained no traces of thermal paste. What we did notice was the serial number on the box did not match the one of the back of the board. We informed paypal that not only was the item clean of all thermal paste but it was not the same one that was shipped to him. Paypal simply ignored our statement and photo evidence and wanted us to pay up. Thank god that we closed the bank account paypal had linked to this account.

Submitted By:: Barbra

Location-: Wichita


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