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: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 13:47

Thanks for this website

Boy, am I glad I looked up PayPal on Wikipedia, then found this website! I had been considering a certain business venture, until I found out that it would go through PayPal. I already had my own suspicions.

When I first got the internet, I kept getting e-mails that SCREAMED, “Your PayPal account needs updating!” Mind you, this was before they coined the term “phishing.” But I knew it was bogus anyway, since I had never set up a PayPal account; never even heard of it. But this website only confirms my doubts about it.

From what you’ve described, PayPal sounds a lot like one of those fly-by-night bridal shops that take thousands of dollars from women for wedding dress deposits…then on the night before the big event, the shop is locked up and marked “OUT OF BUSINESS.” No refund, no customer service, nothing! (A number of funeral parlors and dry cleaners have done that, too.)

Would you say that sounds like PayPal?

Submitted By:: Mario Travis

Location-: Tucson, Az


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