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admin : Friday, October 18, 2013, 13:38

Suspended indefinitely….no warning

Its not so much paypal that is the problem but ebay, I was selling items mostly clothing and came across what I thought might be genuine brand name goods it was 24 hours later and I see that the items are off and my account is suspended indefinitely….no warning,  just gone  I have waited about a year and contacted them by phone  2 days to an asian lady who tells me that under my name I will never be allowed to sell on ebay again,  I was crushed and pissed off and have since been trying to think of every  possible leg way of getting back on ebay to sell and I then came across s couple of ways but to me they sound illegal , risky and fraudulent nut if anyone can help and enlighten om a legal way to get back on line and sell I will be the happiest woman ever!


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