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: Tuesday, January 3, 2012, 13:14

Suspended From ebay because my paypal account was closed

my ebay account was suspended because i did not pay my bill
the reason i did not pay my bill was because paypal closed my account
that was configured to be taken out automatically
i fell into difficulties a few years ago where i lost my full time job
and sales on ebay was my only source of income
then paypal froze my account and i had to wait 6 months for my money
meanwhile because my ebay account was unpaid for 6 months
ebay put interest on the final bill
which now stands at £190
i have managed to pay my paypal account of £369
but without a ebay account or a paypal account i can not pay
as i do not have a cheque book
i would like to reistate my ebay account and my paypal account
but without both there is no point

Submitted By:: neil

Location-: plymouth


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