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admin : Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 20:57

Stressed By PayPal Account Verification

I am exasperated by the block in my accessing funds of £1860.00 that were paid into my Paypal account on 1 Sept 2010 by a company who was PayPal verified. Paypal reversed the payment immediately as it exceeded a “money laundering” limit of £1,700.00, a PayPal policy which I knew nothing about.

I have since been made to jump so many hoops and hurdles to lift this block, including twice visiting my other address (my studio since 2001) 70 miles away, where my card has been registered for the past few years while it was my main address. My London flat (which I bought in 1988) is at present my main address and my studio is too unhealthy to live in due to severe damp problems and I am recovering from surgery. I have recently adapted my London home in order to take holiday lets to subsidise my income as an artist – hence the payment for my first tenant. My tenant has been and gone, I still have not received payment and I still can’t meet the ‘identity’ proving conditions.

The main problem is that at from the outset earlier this year I registered my paypal account with my mobile number since I move between two residences, but they now require a land-line number at my registered address so they can phone me. I emailed them to explain I’m not at that address but got no reply, so in desperation I clicked their box with my mobile no and got an instant response – that this is not acceptable and a code would be posted to my registerd address WITHIN TWO WEEKS. There was no prior warning of this.

I therefore was forced to wait then travel to my studio, 140 round trip, but it had not arrived. I have now travelled to my studio again and returned to London with the 6 digit code, only to find they no longer require this but copies of bank statements/ utility bills which are at my studio. (I spoke with paypal during this saga at great cost as it’s an international no, an operator suggested I could send a bill copy instead but this was not set in stone as I advised I was not sure I had a bill for that address in London – which I do not.) This operator also talked me through another hoop, where boxes required me to state my weekly and monthly income etc which I could not, as my new string is too new to measure.. (So he suggested I just make the figures up. )

Throughout this time my bank account remains heavily overdrawn and this payment which would clear it remains blocked. Train fares and bank overdraft charges have cost me dearly and this has all taken huge swathes of my time. Being ill and walking with difficulty on a stick, I can’t yet face another 140 mile round trip to fetch documents.

Additionally, Paypal now requires a copy of my passport – which I am very reluctant to send as they then have every detail of my identity including my passport no and I have no idea who will use this info or how. Have tried over and over to email Paypal customer service but get taken through a series of box-ticking then get told ‘We are unable to complete your request, an unexpected error has occurred’. So I type my saga into their box instead and hit ‘submit’ – but nothing happens, it’s all frozen. Having failed yet again to lift the block or communicate with them, and with hours of another day dripping away I feel utterly exhausted and stressed.

Submitted By P.O.


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