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: Friday, June 1, 2012, 10:06

Sold used MacBook Air on eBay and got scammed

I sold a used MacBook Air on eBay in early May. The computer was in perfect working order. I packaged it and had my wife ship it via UPS with a tracking number and insurance. The buyer received the unit, and complained it wasn’t working. I informed him to take it to apple as it is fully insured. He refused and shipped it back. Upon receiving it, I was suspicious, so I took it to the Apple store (manufacturer). They informed me that the underlying cover was removed and swapped for another unit. The unit the buyer returned is not the unit I shipped. I contacted PayPal and opened a dispute and they sided with the buyer. I have 3 affidavits, proof from Apple the unit is not as shipped, and the UPS information. I am now out $988. What can I do?

Submitted By:: E Avery

Location-: Fayetteville, NC

2 thoughts on “Sold used MacBook Air on eBay and got scammed
  1. Miriam on

    It’s hard to win a dispute with paypal as an honest person. If someone has set out to scam you from the very beginning they usually get away with it…because paypal lets them and won’t even review the evidence. What seems like a crystal clear case to most somehow eludes paypal and they end up siding with the wrong party, the scammer.It’s very annoying and not worth it to use paypal since there is never a guarantee you’ll get your money.

  2. Adam Aleve on

    This is a big scam and lawsuit. If I were you, I would get a lawyer involved in this matter. I would explain to them that you were trying to do a dispute PayPal, on the fact the buyer switch the item than shipped it back to you. PayPal didn’t do anything about it and took the buyer side. I hate the fact for PayPal is doing this to a lot of innocent people and getting away with it. Hopefully you will win this case. Also, never use them again!!!

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