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admin : Thursday, February 20, 2014, 14:20

I sold an iPhone 5s on eBay, then the problems started

I sold an iPhone 5s on eBay. The buyer paid via Paypal and asked for the phone to be sent to her work address. I received this message from her eBay account. I sent the phone via recorded delivery to the address requested after purchase to the address given in the message on eBay.

The phone was delivered and signed for. A month later I receive an email informing me of a chargeback on my Paypal account. It transpires that the lady who had bought my phone has claimed her credit card has been fraudulently used and did not purchase the phone. However, the eBay account was still open and this was the only transaction. Her credit card company contacted Paypal who appeared to have upheld the chargeback despite being sent all evidence of selling in good faith to an address requested by a verified eBay account holder and despite suggesting that they will support our case when putting it to the credit card company.

I have no faith that Paypal will do anything other than hound me to repay the money received for the phone plus charges which would leave me without phone and out of pocket due to no fault of my own. I have no intention of repaying them anything as I know my legal rights. However I am deeply concerned about their threats to pass on this ‘debt’ to a debt collection agency and that my credit will be negatively affected. How can I stop this happening?


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