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admin : Thursday, April 28, 2011, 9:43

Paypal Smart Connect Fees and Interest

I had signed up for a PayPal Smart Connect Card and made a couple of purchases all under $20. Since I had recently quit my job, I had no way to pay for the fees or interest.

Next thing I know, PayPal calls me to let me know that I had payments due. My mom (who is more experienced in financial matters) and I talked to them and got the account closed out and paid $30 towards the payment.

Meanwhile, PayPal continued to add interest. This is what my account says concerning payments, balances and statements right now:

Current balance: $109.61 USD | Statement balance as of 03/28/2011: $74.61 USD
Minimum payment due: $40.00 USD

Today I received contact from PayPal through both the mail and a phone call. My mom and I talked to them over the phone and paid the payment in full. So now I am through with Paypal Smart Connect for good (hopefully) and plan never to use it again.

I think they should have just waived the payment and late fees entirely because this is just unfair! I knew there would be interest and late fees, but this is ridiculous. They make you pay huge fees for such small purchases. I know part of this is my fault. However, everyone makes mistakes, and they are just plain taking advantage of me!

Anyway, I tried to get in touch with Paypal to find out exactly what was happening before they started calling me, but there was no way to get in touch with a human at Paypal concerning Paypal Smart Connect. When you call the phone number they provide for Paypal smart connect, there is only a voice menu. I called the main Paypal phone number, but I was just redirected to Paypal Smart Connect number again. To make the problem worse, I want to continue to sell on Ebay, but Ebay requires sellers to have an account with Paypal.

Submitted By:: Catherine Sheridan

Location: Sugar Hill, GA, USA

5 thoughts on “Paypal Smart Connect Fees and Interest
  1. lu on

    Had the same exact experience with Paypal. My son, who lost his job in this horrible economy, could not pay his very small balance and ended up getting over $100 late fees in no time…also interest charges on the growing balance. I tried to pay this in full if they would consider at least cutting all these extra charges in half. No dice…they would not budge!! Great customer service!!!!! Besides it took several calls and hours to get a real person to talk to. I will help him and pay this ridiculous balance for such a VERY small purchase. Just recieved yet another $35.00 charge…even higher balance. You just cannot reason with this unprofessional mess!

  2. Rob on

    I just call them and closed that scam! It is a big scam

  3. Rich on

    When you sell something online, and receive a payment through paypal, how can paypal charge a fee on the shipping part of the money that a buyer sends to cover shipping cost?I feel they should only be able to charge a fee on the amount of the item, and NOT the total that came in with shipping.

  4. nani on

    I had a very negative experience with Paypal smart connect. DO NOT EVER USE THIS!!!!! I used my paypal smart connect to make a few purchases without any incidents so I figured this would be no problem also. I check the website the day before just to make sure I can use Paypal smart connect anywhere Paypal is accepted. so after doing my due diligence I decided to purchase tickets through Stubhub. Mind you my payment preference in Paypal is to connected to the Paypal smart connect. why is it that I proceed with the transaction and the entire amount is removed from my checking account. of course I was not happy about this. I then call Paypal customer support or lack there of and was told if I wanted a refund I would have to go through Stubhub, ok I can see this point. I then asked the customer service person if Paypal smart Connect is accepted everywhere Paypal is accepted. she proceeds to tell me I can only use smart connect is that payment option is available during the transaction. huh? I checked the website, so I decided to cut and paste the exact verbage is as follows:

    Where can I use PayPal Smart Connect?
    You can use PayPal Smart Connect to fund purchases on eBay listings that accept PayPal and anywhere else PayPal payments are accepted.

    No where in this statement does it say only if Paypal smart connect appears as an option for payment. THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM. Needless to say I will pay off my account and use them little to none at all if possible.



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