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admin : Friday, September 10, 2010, 20:07

Six Month Limit On PayPal Account, No Reason Given

For a couple years I’ve sold intermittently on eBay. Old CDs, movies, stuff like that. This summer, my mother in law who is a licensed hair stylist told me about some new hair products she was selling. She said that it was a really good business, and even suggested I put it online to make extra money. They were shampoos, conditioners, sprays, products like that for hair.

So I tested it out, and saw that it started to sell really well. I went a few times to the distributor she buys from, and bought over $2000 worth of merchandise over about 1 month. Everything was fine, I was selling good, 100% perfect feedback. All of the sudden, paypal limits my account and asks for invoices and proof of where I’m buying from. I said fine, I sent everything they asked for. The agent I spoke with on the phone said this was just because I had a high volume of sales, and PayPal needed to verify the items were not counterfeit and this was not a scam.

After receiving everything, they sent me an email stating the limitation could not be removed, and that for 6 months they were going to hold my money! Before the limitation, I had taken about $1000 out of my PayPal account, which was essentially my profit and I used it to pay bills. Now, they are holding $2300 of my money for 6 months, and giving me no explaination! And this money is exactly what I was planning to use to pay my credit card off!

I’ve spent hours and hours on the phone with different reps, and they all say something different. I asked why are they holding my money? One rep answered that my account was deemed “high risk”, I asked “for what reason”?? It has been 2 months since I made my first sale of these products, and not a single person has complained or wanted their money back. I provided tracking numbers for everything. Do you know how the rep answered me? He said he cannot tell me why my account is deemed high risk, because that is PayPal’s, “personal security information”. I told him this is my money! This is my information! I have every right to know when you make such accusations about my account! And he told me if I wanted to know the reason, I could go get a subpoena from a court. Really!? I also asked this one rep about 5 times to transfer me to a manager, he kept interrupting me, and even tried to hang up and end the call!

PayPal is absolutely ridiculous. I bought items, sold them, sent the merchandise, provided tracking and nobody is complaining.  I gave paypal all the information they asked for, and they are holding my money for 6 months for no reason. Imagine the interest! $2300 on a credit card for 6 months!

PayPal is absolutely one of the worst companies out there. Their reps lie, they don’t care about their customers, and they make up bogus accusations!

Submitted By A.S.

4 thoughts on “Six Month Limit On PayPal Account, No Reason Given
  1. silver ebay power seller on

    i have heard stories that all ebay cares about is power sellers. well, i want you to know i have been a ebay member for 8 years and a silver powerseller and still paypal limited my account. paypal will not answer emails and all i get is form letter emails with nothing to do with my issues. you ask paypal why? no answers only run around from paypal. i started using propay and im happy so far. paypal is the most screwed up company i have ever dealt with in my life. every customers has recieved their items and postive feedback left yet paypal refuses to release funds. paypal sucks

  2. thebest on

    My account was limited and paypal asked for some documents after two weeks I sent the document no replay form them, I called them and they told me that I need to wait for 6 months to withdraw the money. My question is what they do with the money (do they get interest on it, for their profits). The other question does anyone knows how to claim this money legally. Now I have ebay bills to pay and I have no money to pay those bills and most of the sales there are already left with positive feedback. I do not know what to do I am a woman with a child and I do not even know why they close the account for. I sent my passport, bills; confirm my phone and I do not even have a negative feedback on my ebay account. Please if anyone out there can help me with these thieves of paypal. Let get together every one that the account have been frozen and let’s take a legal action against them. I do believe that 6 months is too long and if they do at least they should paid interest on that money held on their bank accounts. On the other hand these thieves (paypal) don’t give you any reason of why they got your account frozen, they just do it. That sucks! I am willing to take advice and even if I lose the money paying legal I will do it. I just need to know if that is possible.

  3. thebest on

    I agree with “silver ebay power seller ” PayPal sucks. Please everyone out there be careful with thieves they just hold you money without given you reason. They know that in order for anyone to make a legal complaint is difficult as it costly. These paypal thieves take advantage of it and leverage your money for 6 months. This is a warning for any one opening an account with these thieves.

  4. Vik on

    It helps to send your complaint directly via twitter to @AskPaypal They normally respond and fix these issues faster. Also try for escalating the complaints to management.

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