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: Thursday, May 3, 2012, 1:13

sign up

i’m trying to create an account but they wo’nt accept my Philippines mobile no. starting with +63. Already entered 2 mobile nos. still saying, ”some info are incorrect or missing, and, please enter a valid telephone no.”!

Submitted By:: Emmanuel Santiago

Location-: Philippines

One thought on “sign up
  1. Edward on

    Just don’t do it! Giving you trouble to sign up is a good indicator of what is in your future with those Paypal punks. They are difficult to deal with once you have an account. I signed up easy but it has been a whole lot of trouble in this past two months. Had a good run for 2 yrs but now they are holding my money and finding someone that can help me via tele or email is non existent! My advise to you is save yourself the headache and just don’t do it!

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