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: Friday, March 9, 2012, 13:28

Sellers have no rights with Paypal

I am a seller on ebay and I am sick and tired of their B.S. “resolution dept.” that is geared for the buyers to screw any seller at their discretion. A seller has no rights and can stick it up you a$% anytime they choose. Paypal has a constant “tap” into your account and can freeze it, withdraw, hold, whatever the hell they choose. Oh yeah, good luck on ever winning a dispute. What a joke!!!! If you are using ebay and paypal as a seller, and are new, think twice about it and find another merchant account that can deal with your payments, otherwise, you will become another victim of paypal. Consider this a fair warning, and it is only because I sincerely care about people that are trying to make a legitimate living off of selling their items-You will lose, and will lose often. Listen to other people on this website too and do yourself a favor immediately!!!! Oh yeah, dont bend over, they are ready and willing to corn hole you!!!!

Submitted By:: Lester W



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