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: Monday, May 7, 2012, 11:21

Seller took my money and was never heard from again

I’m currently in the position of trying to get my money back from ebay as a buyer, I purchased an iphone 4S in march, payed via my credit card with paypal and it became obvious that it was a scam the seller took my money and that was the last I heard from him, no problem I thought both ebay and paypal splash ‘buy with confidence’ ‘your money is safe with us’ type slogans on their websites, well I’ve been on the phone to them, emailed them and all I get is a new reason why I have to wait another so many days, I’ve been told three times that the case has been closed in my favour and I’ll be getting my money – two months later and still nothing, when and if I get my money back both accounts will be closed, they have appalling customer service.

Submitted By:: Seth Applebaum

Location-: Friendswood Texas

4 thoughts on “Seller took my money and was never heard from again
  1. ValueSeeker22 on

    I’ve never had a dispute as a buyer on ebay, I’ve only run into problems as a seller. I guess they get you on every angle no matter who you are. You would think they valued their users a bit more. Paypal held my funds for over 21 days which really left a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Shane on

    I got scammed the same way. I purchased an Ipod touch from a buyer on Ebay sent the money and never got my goods. I filed a dipute with Ebay and Paypal and here I am almost 6 months later and still out both my money and the good! Paypal is a scam they probably kept my money in an account to get interest off it and make more $

  3. Nurse Betty on

    I’ve looked into getting a paypal account because there are some good deals to be found on line but I’m reading more and more about sellers taking money only for the buyer to never get product or money back thanks to Paypal. How does this happen? I don’t have money to just give away I work hard but maybe it’s easier to just buy retail using my credit card and it saves me in the long run.

  4. EyeOnThePrize on

    Sellers taking money and not delivering product is crap. Just like bogus buyers making a purchase and then making false claims with Paypal that they did not receive it only to get money back (and keep product). There seems to be too many people cheating the system in Paypal and it’s really just the honest people that pay for it in the end. Paypal is not a good idea for making transactions. No one is safe.

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