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: Friday, November 16, 2012, 11:57

Scam-phishing web site that looks like Paypal

Having received a couple of confusing emails from PayPal, I telephoned customer support. I was clearly ‘offshore’ and the agent advised me that all the emails that I thought came from them ‘ []‘ were in fact phishing emails and that was a spoof email address? when I explained that they appeared to be in response to messages that I had sent to PayPal via the ‘Contact us’ link on their web site, she told me that the web page that I was using ‘’ is a link to a scam-phishing web site cunningly designed to capture detail of my PP account, credit card details and bank account?

I have emailed to PayPal UK & ‘’, PayPal Europe. and PayPal US with regard to this and as yet, no response! I think this should be something they take seriously and warn their users about.

Submitted By:: Bustes

Location-: UK

One thought on “Scam-phishing web site that looks like Paypal
  1. Carole on

    I received this e-mail today and would like to verify that it is legitimate. It looks like someone is phishing for current information. If is not phishing, then what is it????????? Please clear al information on my account so I may set up another more secure app. Please inform me when this has been done! Thank you Carole

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