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admin : Friday, October 10, 2014, 14:34

Scam for PayPal to have access to everyone’s financial information

As a business owner, I’m furious that PayPal randomly and un-apologetically denies my customers’ payments. When I’ve called to inquire if there is a way to authorize my customer’s payments that have been denied, they simply say that the customer must register for a PayPal account. They will give no further explanation, except to say that it’s built into the system and there is no other way to bypass the denial. I don’t for one minute believe they can’t arrange for a way to clear credit card payments. This seems to be a scam for PayPal to have access to everyone’s financial information. What kind of business is a company that demands a customer must register with their payment processor before you can make a purchase? I’m done with PayPal.

Thank you for offering this site to shine a light on the unscrupulous practices of PayPal.


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