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admin : Monday, July 14, 2014, 14:10

There’s no room for the little guy on eBay anymore

I’ve been a seller on ebay since 2007 with a perfect record. No complaints. All of a sudden this year they started holding onto my payments from customers until “my record improves.” How do you improve on a perfect record?!!! Now I am struggling to gets sales out because they don’t let go of my money for three to four weeks. In fact, I have had to stop selling because it just does not fit with my business model. I’m a single mom, I’m not independently wealthy nor do I have extra money laying around to cover shipping costs. But I am well aware they are making interest off of my money and everyone else’s they hold onto for a month. It’s not my sales performance, it’s their greed, plain and simple. There’s no room for the little guy on ebay anymore.


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