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: Friday, May 11, 2012, 9:23

Ripped PFF

Paypal screwed me over and allowed a seller to rip me off!! I made a purchase on feb. 18, 2012 to a china co to buy e-cigs (kit and liquids) and they sent me a defective items along with liquids that made me sick, I opened a dispute with paypal and they tell me to send it back for refund. I did that, paid 30.00 and they still did not give me a refund and allowed the seller to rip me off! I am out of 163.86. I closed my account as that is total BS.

Submitted By:: Keely Simpson

Location-: Springfield, MA

One thought on “Ripped PFF
  1. Roberta Kinder on

    Pay Pal disputes are typically in the clients favor. Good thing you closed your account with them. I had a similar problem occur to me and I felt robbed! Pay pal will never screw me over again!

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