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: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 11:03

Restricted Account!

Hi Guys,
First of all if anyone can advise of an ebay compatible payment system in the Uk, I would be most grateful…..

I am a business seller & as in 2006 paypal has again limited my account with no explanation… It seems from my point of view that when I exceed £3k-£4k ($4.5-$6.5k) per week in sales consistently it sends alarm bells ringing at paypal HQ…
I have emailed passport ID, address ID etc.etc.etc. yet again & apparently I am a ‘security risk’ why I am not sure as I sell furniture items, its hardly a here today & empty a 10,000sqft warehouse tomorrow kind of business…

With the £6k they were holding I have frozen all purchases, recalled all deliveries that had been shipped & refunded all of my buyers & calculated with fees the £700+ left will cover any outstanding charges as I certainly don’t expect any refunds, as I didn’t the first time this happened in ’06′ & trying to get your money back is a time consuming & so not a time effective way of earning a living…

Can anybody shed any light or confirm why this may happen, paypal are just not interested in giving me an explanation, they don’t have to I guess, as they will have another guy like me queuing up to use their facilities, with their monopolist anti-competitive payment system with their equally, we make up the rules as we go a long that are not compatible with most countries trading laws registered in a Luxembourg tax haven business that we all know as ebay!…

I expect to have money manipulated from my fingers by the taxes of the country of which I reside but I object to being shafted by a private company which from all intense & purposes regulates itself & it seems is accountable to no one!….

If you have started a petition in the Uk to lobby members of parliament then please put me down on that list, likewise if you are petitioning the Financial ombudsmen… If you are not & need someone to get the ball rolling then come back to me & I will get my war paint ready!…

Submitted By:: Betsy

Location-: UK

2 thoughts on “Restricted Account!
  1. Meghan on

    This is how they operate. It amazes me that they are still in business. Restricting accounts with no reasoning behind it is absurd. I HATE this company!!!

  2. Timothy on

    Betsey, it’s happening because PayPal is perhaps the most seedy and dishonest business on the planet. Try these folks.
    A transaction outside of Ebay cost me my 13 year Ebay selling career. I made a sale to a low life piece of shit, who 3 months later filed a dispute stating he never received his item. Some six days later he followed up with another dispute on the item he’d purchased from me weeks before the first. My PayPal account was debited $5500 and the dance began. Several PayPal Reps advised me that I would be covered with “Seller Protection” for the item that he claimed he never received, which I proved that he did with a copy of his signature on file with FedEx.

    This crook told me in an email that he filed claims on both items to improve his chances of getting something. I presented this to PayPal with perhaps 2 dozen other emails in my defense. Long story short, Citibank denies the claim he filed as “not as described” but allows the one he filed stating he did not receive the item. Go figure. But here’s the kicker. Later he changed his story on the item he said he never got, and said it was not as described. That should have a been an obvious red flag to PayPal, right? Not so.

    PayPal informs me post “we are going to cover you with our Seller Protection,” that since this guy now says the item is not as described, I am not entitled to Seller Protection. I deal with all of this for over a year. Finally reaching my breaking point I cave. I call PayPal to discuss paying back the negative balance so I can resume my selling. I was a Gold Power Seller, Top Rated Seller and all the other hollow accolades they pile on you to make you feel special.

    I even mailed John Donohoe a letter pleading my case. All he did was forward it to PayPal Escalation. I did get a call from Vanessa, a very businesslike and not at all personable PayPal Rep, but at least honest enough to tell me it is not likely that I will ever be allowed to use PayPal. My recent emails from PayPal escalation are the typical deceitful and dishonest messages I’ve grown to expect. I think these folks are trained in the art of deception. When I offered to pay this money to bring my account in good standing if they would just open my account, I was told that my account could not be reviewed until I made this payment. Do I have “DUMB ASS” written on my forehead?

    The reason I make this statement is because when I, in good faith, made payment to PayPal to bring my account to a zero balance, because I was assured my account would be available for me to use in 5-7 business days, that never happened. And when I called to ask why, I was told that according to the notes in the PayPal computer, I was considered a risk. I asked when these notes were input into their system and it just so happened it was the very next day after I made this payment. So I figured, what’s good for the Goose, is good for the Gander. I called my Credit Card Company and filed a dispute. The reason, “not as described.” I was blatantly lied to by several PayPal Reps.

    So, here’s the scoop. After 13 years of Selling, having a stellar track record and some complimentary pats on the back from Ebay, I an tossed aside like yesterdays newspaper. More like being used to line the puppy’s crate, and being crapped all over.

    PayPal is seriously flawed. It is quite possibly the most vilified and hated Corporation in America. I have since found a fantastic alternative and it is actually less costly and offers piece of mind and less stressful to use. Even if to date you have had no issues with PayPal, I am here to tell you, your day is looming. You will be forever tainted by the way they will treat you. Believe me on this one, they are trained to react in this manner. Spread the word and if anything, put the seed of doubt in others minds.

    Try these guys:

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