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admin : Thursday, December 16, 2010, 8:27

“Some Required Information Is Missing”

I have a verified Paypal account which only requires supply of additional information to lift the sending and withdrawal limits. Unfortunately, every attempt I make to do this brings me back to this prompt -

“Some required information is missing. Please correct your entries and try again”.

There is nothing to indicate what is missing, except that the subcategory box always returns with the prompt ‘choose a value‘ after I have already done so.

I have emailed Paypal twice for help and am just going around in circles. In the meantime I cannot access my money, which is most unfortunate at Christmas time. Consequently, I am unable to buy anything on Ebay because my eBay account is locked until July 2011!

Don’t know what else to do.

Submitted By:: D.W.

Location: Wales, United Kongdom.

2 thoughts on ““Some Required Information Is Missing”
  1. LISA on

    I have a similar story. Paypal claims someone tried to access my account, so it is now limited. Cant touch my money . Despite updating all my information and talking to customer service they want me to mail them a copy of my social security card. to prove my identity!!! I have NEVER done this for anyone, even the IRS! I told them to close my account. Lets see what happens next.

  2. harry bunting on

    I am trying to open new account

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